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For 19 years we have been helping our Partners to develop existing contact channels.
Thanks to the integration of systems with the chat service, Customer service and telemarketing can be taken to an even higher level

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Chat is a tool that provides immediate support to all who need it, and therefore those who are not sure of their decision can become potential Customers faster.

Users do not waste time looking for help, they just click a button and start talking – a real-time chat with a person with appropriate authorisations and competences.
Thanks to the chat channel, Consultants can have a conversation with up to six Customers simultaneously, while maintaining the highest quality of service.
The Customer receives the knowledge they need to make a purchase decision here and now – according to their expectations.

In addition, the tracking of Customer traffic on the website gives a specialist information on what the Customer is interested in and in which areas they need additional support.

And of all this is done through a friendly tool with an attractive appearance, which is easily configurable and operated.
It is a tool designed not only for a modern Customer, but also for an entrepreneur who keeps up with technological changes.

Chat – integration

The application can be easily integrated with the client’s website, adapting its interface to the webpage appearance.
Thanks to this, it is easier to use and the work of contact center consultants directly contributes to building trust in the brand.
The chat can be smoothly integrated with social media networks, such as the Customer’s Facebook page.



Cost optimisation
Increased sales
Increased customer satisfaction
Improved customer service
Preventing cart abandonment
Higher conversion
Shorter service time

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