At CCIG we know that modern organisations rely heavily on knowledge.
A large amount of valuable information allows our Partners to achieve key competitive advantages.

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Consumer surveys

A comprehensive survey provides an opportunity to obtain valuable business information, i.e.
customer satisfaction with the service/product, evaluation of advertising campaigns, learning about Customer preferences and many others.
As part of the service, we offer our Customers comprehensive solutions, from preparing the scenario, selection of the target group, to conducting an interview, to analysing data from the generated reports.

Business market survey

Market survey is a necessary tool to determine the current market situation and to indicate the direction of the company’s development.
Thanks to the data obtained from the survey, we make it easier for our Partners to make key business decisions.
The latest technologies allow us to collect very large amounts of data, which we then analyse and present to you in the form of ready-made reports.

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Customer satisfaction surveys

Satisfied Customers are the key to success.
That is why it is so important to know their opinions about your brand, company, service and products.
To provide you with the most reliable results, we use the most well-known KPIs, such as:


Budget optimisation
Brand enhancement
Optimisation of advertising campaigns
Knowing the strengths of your products and services

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