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No modern brand should currently underestimate the importance of opinions and comments appearing online. This is why we have Internet monitoring services. At CCIG we go even further – not only do we monitor the web, but we also actively support customer service and sales online.

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Social Media – what is the reason to develop this communication channel?

We can refer to numerous research and cite much statistical data, but the best evidence is an analysis of our environment. Social media has changed the way we communicate online. From the cessation of nickname-based communication to the gradual abandonment of text messages to the amount of time we spend on Facebook. We use social media websites for entertainment or social purposes, but also to seek opinions about products and services.
Since in most cases we get answers from our online friends, we are willing to trust them. We translate our experience in the call center industry into a completely new environment in terms of customer contact.
Our goal at CCIG it to ensure fast and effective Customer service and an increase in sales.

Internet monitoring – how does it work?

Through the Internet monitoring tools available on the market we are looking for statements that may relate to the activities of our Customers. Every mention is analysed in real time to determine its status (sales/Customer service) and the potential for our involvement in the discussion. If the result is positive, we establish a relationship in social channels, and then the interested person is invited to a dedicated channel – telephone, e-mail or chat.
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SOCIAL MEDIA SALES – social media as a Customer service and sales tool

It is estimated that the amount of human-generated data in the last two years has exceeded the amount of information produced before that period throughout the entire history of human civilisation. The fight for new users continues. Meanwhile, others are wondering how to use the potential of the knowledge that flows into server rooms every day. Business use of so-called Big Data is one of the greatest challenges that analysts are about to face in the coming years. There are over a billion users on Facebook, several hundred million on Twitter/X, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Huge involvement – millions of comments, likes and other activities every day. A completely new way of communicating has emerged right before our eyes in less than 10 years. We also have more friends who are interested in participating in our online communication. Having an average of 190 friends on Facebook, we get a large base of advisers who are willing to support us in making any decision, especially when it comes to purchases. Nothing is like it used to be. Today, one well-known digital influencer can make people stop buying our products or services. Online consumer boycotts are the bread and butter of a modern PR expert, who now has 15 minutes to react, rather than 24 hours. Therefore, the increasingly popular trend is that Customer service is a new type of marketing. Internet monitoring works similarly to the monitoring of traditional media – we define keywords in order to be notified when they appear in the analysed sources. Interestingly, in the case of the web it is possible to achieve times close to real time. So if someone on the Internet enters a keyword we have specified, we will receive a notification immediately or within a few minutes. This provides great opportunities! However, the potential of monitoring lies in the appropriate selection of keywords. Nothing prevents us from setting phrases related not only to our brand name, but also to certain consumer behaviours. A strategy is essential for providing effective consumer service on social media. These are not only procedures for specific situations, such as the type of notifications handled on social media or the moment of moving a discussion to “priv” or to another service channel. These are also ready materials that employees may use at any time with certainty that they are following the guidelines (a reliable database of questions and answers, extended conversation scenarios, etc.). A strategy also includes clear rules of cooperation with the Marketing and PR or a marketing agency supporting these departments, especially when handling problematic requests that may affect the company’s image. Effective network monitoring is also important. Without effective tools with an appropriate database of sources, we will be unable to reach all of the valuable threads. An experienced team, strategy, understanding of the environment and suitable software – the new CCIG Social Media Sales service combines these elements to provide the best integrated Consumer service on social media.


Increasing the brand loyalty
More traffic on Social Media-related websites
Increased Customer satisfaction
Immediate response to Customer’s questions
Promotion of your products and services
Increased sales

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