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For 22 years we have been aware that the successes of our Partners do not end with sales.
We established an internal Back Office to help you optimise the costs related to after-sales Customer service.

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Back office

Thanks to our comprehensive back office solutions, we will help you optimise the costs generated in your company, while improving the feedback from your Customers and the perception of the brand itself. Thanks to years of experience we are able to determine which elements of the entire sales process may have an impact on Customer satisfaction and to use appropriate tools to make the process as satisfactory as possible.

Back office outsourcing is an area that should sufficiently meet the service goals set by the customer. An efficient back office is a showcase of your company, which should be borne in mind to ensure smooth service also during purchasing peak periods of increased traffic and more inquiries.

Thanks to specialised agents and well-organised technical facilities, we ensure the processing of a large number of inquiries in a short time, ongoing handling of complaints and abandonments during increased traffic in service.

Back office activities:

  • Verification of data obtained in telemarketing
  • Data analysis to improve the results achieved by consultants
  • Correspondence handling
  • Courier service
  • Data recording in CRM systems
  • Generating agreements
  • Optimisation of document flow
  • Analysis of the reasons why the Customer abandons the purchase of a product/service
CCIG - back office


Cost optimisation

Reducing the costs of maintaining employees by 30%-40%

Better sales results

Salespeople focussing on the main sales targets

Improvement of the brand image
Improvement of efficiency
Ensuring business continuity

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