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Obsługa klienta - Oferta

Customer service

Support of consumer websites is one of the largest and fastest growing branches of the BPO services sector. As a leader in the call center industry, we provide the highest quality services and tools for omnichannel customer service. Our hotlines guarantee a high service level, increased Customer satisfaction and loyalty, image improvement, and most importantly, we strive to provide customer service so as to make sales growth visible, which we successfully observe every day.

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Oferta CCIG - Sprzedaż


For 22 years, we have specialised in multi-channel sales of products and services. We carry out key projects for the largest representatives of telecommunications, banking, energy, FMCG, insurance, finance, aviation and other industries. Thanks to our many years of experience in telemarketing, we guarantee the maximisation of your company's profits and high quality assurance with a simultaneous quick return on investment.

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Oferta - Badania


For years, we have been offering our Partners comprehensive solutions in the preparation and implementation of survey projects using the CATI method. In most of the projects, our team creates interview scenarios, helps to select the relevant target group and conducts surveys in accordance with the established guidelines.


CCIG - wioślarstwo - back office

Back Office

Today, a competitive advantage means an efficient, omnichannel customer service with back office support. The key to ensuring the highest standards in customer service is an effective team ready to respond to customer needs at any time.

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kontrola jakości - usługi

Quality control

Quality control is one of the essential factors having a direct impact on customer service. Our organisation has an internal Quality Control Department, which controls the quality of conversations on an ongoing basis. Thanks to tools which are adapted to the particular project, we are able to quickly and effectively specify areas that require adjustments.

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Usługi CCIG - Multilingual


Since 2002, as the CCIG GROUP, we have gained experience in carrying out projects in over 20 languages on key foreign markets, and we continue to develop. Multilingual service in an outsourcing call center provides measurable benefits and the opportunity to save on the costs of employees and calls.

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Usługi CCIG - Livechat

Live chat

For years, we have been helping our Partners to reach Customers. The integration of chat with existing contact channels supports your business development and allows you to attract new customers, while reducing service and sales costs.


CCIG - Usługi - Chatbot


The service was created to automate communication with the end user/ customer. Chatbot is perfect for fast user segmentation and optimisation of live sales and customer service teams.


Voicebot - telefon


The tool is a virtual voice assistant that recognises natural language. The assistant analyses speech and uses it to make decisions on further service according to predefined rules.


Videochat - CCIG


The service was designed for face-to-face communication between the user and the company, which means building a better relationship with the Customer. This tool provides service for people who use sign language.


Obsługa Social Media - zakupy przez internet

Social media support

The service allows your company to reach many potential Customers who use social media as the main communication channel in their everyday contacts. Thanks to the service, you can increase traffic in Social Media-related websites, and therefore lead to an increase in sales and Customer satisfaction.


CCIG - Usługi - Callback


Modern companies want to provide customers with positive experiences. Thanks to innovative technologies such as Callback, you are able to establish contact with your Customer in less than 30 seconds. The tool works well where the time of establishing contact with the Customer is of importance.


Usługi SMS


SMS is currently one of the main communication channels. We send dozens of text messages every day. If you want your company to grow, trust our experience and introduce SMS as a new communication channel with Customers at your enterprise.


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Our Customer communication is based on full personalisation, which means that the offer prepared for them not only meets their needs, but is also very personal.

Our objective is to understand your Customers’ expectations to respond to them exactly as and when needed.
We want to be close at every stage of the Customer’s purchasing decision.

This is why we use and integrate all available Customer communication channels, both traditional and modern, to reach, acquire and retain the Customer.
All this to ensure an increase in the revenues of our Partners by maximising sales opportunities, increasing Customer loyalty, fully personalising the customer service and increasing the satisfaction and convenience of purchasing and using products/services.

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Omnichannel - CCIG
outsourcing - klocki


If you transfer some of your specialised business processes to CCIG, you can be sure about the results.
Our management model, business process support, infrastructure and technologies will be used to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations, improve competitiveness and ensure savings.
CCIG will guarantee you:

Access to infrastructure:
the largest call center in Central and Eastern Europe

comprehensive facilities – 8 sales locations in 6 cities in Poland

back office, logistics center and database of 1,255 consultants

Multi-level service:
professional Customer service in all languages

multi-channel sales

the ability to use the guarantee of operational continuity and specialist customer service 24/7

Measurable savings:
elimination of costs related to the organisation of an internal call center

settlement model tailored to your needs

transfer of liability and operational risk

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