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CCIG is a unique organization in the call and contact center industry, established in 2002, created by professionals specialized in effective multi-channel business communication with the end customer – both B2C and B2B.


We connect the worlds of our contractors and their clients in a way that exceeds their expectations. Every day we go beyond the beaten path, we draw inspiration from the fact that everyone is unique, tomorrow we want to improve today, remembering that it is always worth talking.


We strive to become the contact center of first choice in every market in which we operate, basing our development on people, processes and technologies.

Experience and efficiency

For 22 years we have been specializing in customer service and multi-channel sales of products and services, as well as implementing key projects for the largest companies in Poland and in the world.

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CCIG today and tomorrow

CCIG Group is one of the largest call center group in Poland. Our group includes, among others companies, CCIG Group sp.z o.o., Call Center Dynamic Sales S.A. and Call Center Poland S.A., which have an established and stable position in the call center industry. Each of our companies deals with the broadly understood outsourcing of call and contact center services. Our  headquarters are located in Wrocław, and branches in 12 cities in Poland and Ukraine.

Pillar 1 - creative people

i.e. specialized support departments, experienced managerial staff, an atmosphere conducive to creativity, development paths and talent management, a comprehensive motivation system, focus on individual and team goals, caring for partnership relations, respect and shared values.

Pillar 2 - flexible processes

that is: smooth internal and external communication, effective sales, recruitment, efficient implementation of new projects, controlling and reporting, logistics processes, customer service, quality monitoring and maintenance, returns and complaints, back office.

Pillar 3 - modern technologies

i.e. own operating system, BI and BPM class tools, guarantee of operational continuity, IT infrastructure, proprietary applications, complementary solutions, monitoring center, possibility of integration with external systems and applications.


  • 2002Beginning of CCIG - Wrocław

  • 2008CCIG - Kielce

  • 2009CCIG - Wrocław and Opole
    CCDS - Wrocław

  • 2010CCIG - Częstochowa

  • 2012Back Office

  • 2014CCIG - Gdańsk
    CCDS - Zielona Góra

  • 2015CCIG - Gdynia

  • 2016CCP - Warszawa i Rzeszów
    CCIG - Tarnów

  • 2019CCIG - Katowice
    CCIG - Biała Cerkiew (UA)
    CCIG - Kijów (UA)
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